Pinball Exploration #3 – Tokyo

Tokyo has a lot of arcades. But none of the ones i visited had pinball machines. Except for the retro themed arcade in the DECKS shopping mall. The building is located on the man-made island “odaiba” in the Bay of Tokyo. Some nice infos on how to get there can be found on

The arcade has a lot of vintage stuff inside, 7 pinball machines, a ball bowler, cocktail arcade tables, pachinko, some EM games…



The games are well maintained (only one pinball ate my 100 Yen without giving me a credit). The decoration is really well done. I love this place.

Super Mario Bros. Mushroom World

This was the first time I played the short-cabinet Mushroom world by Gottlieb. Quite a different pinball experience.

Another highlight is the 1974 Kesco Untouchable EM game. You are in pursuit of the red car and must try to shoot it. There’s a small hole in the car where you have to shoot. Your “bullets” are light flashes, if you hit the sensor, you get a point.

1974 Kasco Untouchable

If you happen to be in Tokyo make sure to check this place out!
The official home page of DECKS mall can be accessed here.

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