Pinball Exploration #2 – Heidelberg

Bin heute zum “FireBowl” in Heidelberg um ne Runde zu flippern. Als ich im Frühling zum Bowling da war, gab es zwei Geräte. There is a game room with some basketball/punching/skill games an a Family Guy pinball. Of course it was turned off. I went to the dude on the counter and got the info that only the Addams Family is working at the moment. The Addams is located in front of the toilets (nice smell). I approached the machine, pressed the start button and a game started. Wow, there where still 3 credits remaining. So i played a bit and got 4 free games. In total around 40 minutes of free fun… Well it wasn’t THAT much fun…

The condition of the machine was pretty bad. A lot of dirt (see pictures) and the slingshot/flipper rubber was at the end of its life. Since i didn’t pay for the game i won’t complain, but i think the better the condition, the more people will play (and pay!).

The Addams Family


Man beachte das Slingshot-Gummi

I will do an update on this location when the Family Guy is working again.

Sieht so aus als wäre der Family Guy verschwunden. Also gibt’s aktuell nur noch den Addams Family…

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